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XJ Suspension



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XJ - Suspension

Front Suspension

Plan is a 3-link suspension with a track bar.  Will be using Currie Johnny Joints for the control arms and a set of 4.5" Rubicon Express springs.  Everything else is undecided.

Bought my control arm tubing, 1 5/8" DOM with a 3/8" wall.

Here are the Currie Johnny Joints.  I went with the 2.5" diameter joints, one threaded and one weld on.  Joints use two plastic cones that sandwich the machied ball, everything is held in by two washers and a snap ring.  For some reason the ones on the left came assembled but the others did not.  Not sure what I am going to use for the track bar joints.

Removed the front axle.

Started to design the front suspension.  Once Koenig gets his plasma table setup I will be cutting all the components on it.   Pretty happy with it so far.  Due to the rules I had to move the crossmember down to make room for the upper arm to mount.  The upper is about 4" longer than the lowers and is pretty close to parallel.

Control arms, built and painted.  Around the third joint you finally get the hang of putting them together.  The upper arm is 40" hole to hole and the lowers are 36".


Crossmember with the control arms mounts tacked on.  After moving upper over and finishing axle mounts I will be adding gussets and skids to the mounts.

Upper link clearance.  I am not entirely happy with it and I think I am going to move it towards the the passenger side about 1" more.



Rear Suspension

Rear suspension setup utilizes a 4.5" Rubicon Express leaf spring and slider boxes.  Parts for the slider boxes should be cut sometime this week.

Mounted the tires to get a rough look at how much I'll need to trim the body.


Slider box installed.  It is tied into the rear crossmember/bumper which is a 2x4 tube and also tied up into the frame and eventually the cage.  So far it looks like they will work well.  I purchased some oil impregnated bronze thrust washers to use inside the box between the spring and the box.

Rear suspension finished for the most part, only thing left is shocks and ill do that at a later date.


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