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XJ Misc

Cutting Brakes

Purchased the twin cylinder cutting brakes from CNC. 

Hydraulic Assist Steering

Picture coming soon


Purchased a 12k# Tabor winch, will update with pictures when I start the install.

Rear Winch



Relocate Gas Tank

One of the first projects that I started on when this jeep was brought into the garage was relocating the gas tank.  Partly because of all of the cutting and welding that was going to take place. 

Here is the floor before I started cutting into it.  There were water bubbles bewteen the paint and the metal.

Here is the floor after cutting it.  Yes, I completly removed the main crossmember. With all the stuff I will be adding, I will be replacing it with three times the structure it was. 

The plan was to mount the tank with the flange around the tank about even with the floor.  Once I got into it though I decided to change that plan and raise the tank about 1.5" more so that I could get a completly flat surface underneath.


Used 1' square tube, channel and 11ga galvanized to build the skid plate.

Gas tank in the jeep sits about 1.5" higher than initially planned.  I am going to use some quality ratchet straps to strap it down.  Then also buid a cover to bolt over top of it.

As you can see here it is now completely flat underneath.

Painted it to keep everything from rusting.  Once I get all the welding done I will route the lines, glue rubber to the ribs and mount the filler neck.


Gas tank location after welding in the bumper and the reat of the rear structure.


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